Welcome to SolidVets!

After leaving the service have you found the transition into the civilian workforce difficult?

SolidVets can help.

Each year, an average of 245,000 Veterans retire from service to enter civilian life.

While some make use of the Tuition Assistance Program and the GI bill, others find themselves without a clear path into civilian life.

There are many organizations that provide help with resume building and job search’s, but if the skills learned in the service don’t translate well, we understand that your job prospects are limited.

SolidVets is a Pittsburgh-based, non-profit employment training program for military veterans. Our goal is to serve those that served us, by teaching digital design skills to secure careers in the growing fields of robotics, manufacturing and design.

SolidVets will teach and build the technical skills necessary to be proficient and profitable within the engineering community.

With a focus on industry standard software and emerging technologies, SolidVets will provide you with everything you need to become certified in Solidworks, and Onshape.

This software is widely used. Finishing the program with a certification and digital portfolio of work increases your career prospects greatly.

To apply to the program please fill out the contact us form or send an email and someone will be contacting you shortly.